Below is an example of HIV/AIDS treatment under the natural antiretroviral HIVALINE 2. Mrs. X came to our office in Douala nine months ago because she was suffering from HIV and after 3 years of taking ARVs without interruption, her health was deteriorating by the day that she could no longer stand her treatment. She had told us verbally that the results of her last check-up were:

  • CD4 180
  • CV 236,000 copies/ml

She could not present them to us because these results were kept by her treating physician. We asked him to leave the ARVs to submit to our treatment with HIVALINE 2. After three months of taking this natural product, the control results were as follows (see Appendix I):

  • CD4 229
  • CV less than 60, so undetectable

Very happy, she told us that she felt comfortable. Unfortunately, she no longer had the money to pay for her products, so she decided to stop this treatment.We told her that undetectable viral load is not synonymous with healing and that she had to come back for control of this Viral Charge at the end of the third month of interruption of treatment. After three months without treatment, the result of viral load control was:

      CV 306.773 copies/ml (see Appendix II).

Faced with such an increase in viral load, she had no other choice and had resumed treatment with HIVALINE 2; treatment she had been on continuous lying for 4 months. At the end of the fourth month, viral load control resulted in CV-20.302 copies/ml (see Appendix III). Thus, in four months of non-stop sockets, HIVALINE 2 had reduced the Viral Charge from 306,773 copies to 20,302 copies/ml. HIVALINE 2 is good. HIVALINE 2 has no side effects. In general, the average rate of decrease in viral load by our natural products is between 70,000 and 98,000 copies/ml per month Many of our former patients treated between 1993 and 2005 still live and have never developed this disease again because their hiv-negativeness after treatment was real.

Today, SEPT-CAMEROUN SARL proposes to study the association HIVALINE 2 – ARV Pharmacy to see if this combination can reduce the duration of treatment for a perfect cure. To do this, SEPT-CAMEROUN SARL will need pharmaceutical ARVs to be distributed free of charge to about 50 patients who will take HIVALINE 2 at the same time.