SEPTCAM SARL has been developing a detoxification that has proven itself and continues to do so, in the treatment of several diseases and in fitness. This cure, although causing very significant weight loss, is not by no means a weight-loss cure, but rather a cure that allows:

  1. It is up to the body to eliminate all its aliens accumulated for years and,
  2. To the cells of the body to renew themselves.

Towards the end of this treatment, several parameters of the blood and glands regulate. So the liver, kidneys, thyroids, pituitary gland, pancreas, prostate, etc. start working again normally. goodbye:

  1. Kidney failure
  2. Hemodialysis
  3. Liver failure
  4. Prostate diseases (psa for example falls into the normal area within a few weeks)
  5. Etc.

When a patient on hemodialysis undergoes such a cure while taking appropriate natural medicines developed by SEPTCAM SARL, he ceases to be hemodialyzed after three only weeks. For example, at least one of the patients treated with this way in 1993 still lives today without more renal problems. WHO CAN GO THROUGH A CURE FOR DESINTOXICATION? Anyone, sick or not. WHAT IS THE FREQUENCE OF A CURE OF DESINTOXICATION? We advise everyone to be detoxified once every two years to eliminate toxins and other waste Accumulated.

Your food is almost industrial and you eat little or no plants?
Are you constantly tired and get sick often?
If you answered YES to any of these questions it’s a detox that will do you the greatest good!
A detox cure, what is it?
This is used to evacuate toxins and toxic from his body by stimulating its purifying organs and changing his eating habits and lifestyle. We act in depth targeting foods with detoxifying powers, we adopt a behavior that facilitates the elimination of toxins, we also learn to get rid of negative thoughts that pollute us too and slow our well-being. The toxins / toxins could be divided into two parts:
Direct as pesticides, excess food and bad choice, consumption of excitants (alcohol, coffee ..) exposure to endocrine disruptors …
Indirect such as stress, overwork, lack of sleep, poor self-esteem, etc.
A detox cure, is it binding?
No, because it’s a personal approach, you only have to do according to your abilities, it should not be experienced as a constraint! We can be content with a detox cure of a few days, or even a single evening monodiète per week, extend over several days or a month.
If you do not like following a “food program” to the letter or if you want to extend the benefits of the cure, detox, draw advice here and there, without imposing too strict rules that would generate too much frustration and you expose to deficiencies. But the fact of detoxifying also leads us to live some repressed emotions because all our emotions, positive as well as negative, are associated with specific organs. And the fact of physically cleaning our organs, also leads to a psycho-emotional cleansing.
The detox cure, is it a diet?
Yes and no ! Yes because we adopt a new line of food conduct. No because it aims for “wellness”, not necessarily thinning. You can lose a few pounds (or turn them into muscles if you get into the sport) but you will be likely to take them back after the cure if you do not change the bad habits that make you gain weight, the first goal is really to get rid of toxins and re-harmonize with his body!
A detox cure, concretely how do we do it?