Hepatitis What So Ever The Type

You are infected with the hepatitis B or C virus … It does not necessarily mean that you are ill, or that you will be sick one day. In any case, you should conquer the virus through your diet, your sports activities and especially an appropriate natural treatment for hepatitis.
Whether hepatitis has an active or inactive form, it will require close monitoring.When you go to the hospital and your doctor informs you of your situation. It is sometimes difficult to accept that we have a chronic disease, that does not require treatment or that does not heal.

Natural Treatment Hepatitis B C

But in natural treatment hepatite B C, whether you have chronic hepatitis, active or inactive, your hepatitis is curable … thanks to the help of tropical plants, the company SEPTCAM shares its many research works since 1993, led by Dr. SEUNKAM and partner has made available to the public purely natural antivirals, a combination of several antiviral plants while controlling their effects and interactive conflicts. However, if you have a lot of questions in your head, this platform will help you answer them.

Diet And Natural Treatment

The liver is a 24-hour active waste treatment system that filters everything you drink, eat or enter your body.
Alcohol, is strongly discouraged, especially in cases of cirrhosis. There is no strict regime for hepatitis or during natural treatment hepatitis process. It’s all about trying to preserve your liver by eating as well as possible. And maintaining a normal body mass index (BMI) to prevent steatosis (steatosis).Get the most of plants during your diet and natural treatment .

Diet for Viral Diseases

Avoid saturated fats (butter, prepared meals, etc.), replace them with olive oil or walnut oil instead.
Idems for sugar: forget sodas, concentrated in fast sugars without nutritional interest. That is extra work to your liver; prefer honey, fresh fruits.
Be hydrated: water, teas, infusions, soups, coffee .
In general, avoid foods with a high glycemic index:
white flour bread (sliced ​​bread, hamburger , baguette or croissant).
Avoid white pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna..);
sweet cereals, milk chocolate, biscuits (small butters);
cooked dishes (canned or frozen).
Same for sugar, brown sugar, glucose, dextrose, corn syrup, raw sugar.
Soft drinks, cakes, commercial muffins, cereal bars, canned fruit in a sweet syrup are all included.

Natural Treatment Approach

The majority of therapists who practice natural medicines recognize the major importance of the liver in the functioning of the body. On the other hand, there is very little interest in official medicine. She offers vaccination against hepatitis B (disaster) and liver transplant , when it is already too late. Only natural treatment can take advantage of nature’s gifts to preserve our liver or heal it when it is sick.

Natural treatment for Immune System

It is thanks to the immune system that the body defends against the attacks of germs, bacteria and viruses. A strong immune system is the guarantor of a healthy winter. Health and immunity are closely linked. Whether it is to fight against viral,bacteria or germs infections. But also to support the body throughout degenerative diseases such as cancer. Improving your immune system means strengthening your health and vice versa. Natural treatment for immune system prevent you against attacks of germs,bacteria and viruses. If you have repeated colds or want to better defend yourself against common aliments, consider your lifestyle first. The immune system depends on nutritional factors and lifestyle habits in the broad sense.

Immune System And Dependancy

A set of interrelated factors: diet, rest time, sleep, physical activity, quality of human relations, adapted natural Remedies hepatitis, etc. All of this affects the performance of your immune system. Our system fights against infections. It acts as a defense against pathogens such as viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi and all other foreign substances. However, this is not only due to the nature of the aggressor or his degree of virulence, but also to the resistance that we are able to oppose him. The more healthy and strong our immune system is, the more we are protected against infections.

Diet And Natural Treatment Hepatitis

And yes, naturopathy is the first thing we will change! As food is our “fuel”, it is obvious that this is where we will make the first changes. Adopt a healthy diet,especially during Natural Treatment Hepatitis.. good, but concretely?
Review the contents of your plate . Your diet should be as varied as possible and incorporate a good portion of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish. Be careful, with the cold, we tend to eat more fatty and hearty dishes. Do not overdo it, because a diet that is too greasy tires the body and it is well known that tiredness weakens the immune system. Limit especially sauces, dishes in sauce, fast food, cold cuts, etc.


Balance protein, carbohydrate and fat = limit red meats and eliminate dairy products.Varied diet, organic, adapted to the seasons and the stages of the life of each one = to avoid the refined and the treaty. Consume low GI, slow sugars: Avoid all forms of sugar and high GI alcohol. Avoid chronic and high intakes of high glycemic index sugars as they deplete the body. Recharge Vitamin D = It activates the white blood cells (T lymphocytes) necessary for the production of antibodies and the destruction of microbes. Drink enough and outside meals, good quality water. Make sure to chew well and have your meals in pea

Limit stress

Chronic stress causes the release of stress hormones such as cortisol. These hormones directly affect the immune system. Just like lack of sleep. Move more! Sleep more!
Re-harmonize your intestinal flora by the use of Natural Remedies Hepatitis.
One of the essential keys: health comes from the intestines, I talked about it here. It is at the intestinal level that are the elements responsible for the defense of the body, take care of your intestines. A disturbed transit is a sign that the integrity of the intestinal barrier is threatened, do not let it happen as a fact, act!