So far, this that we know is that hepatitis B can only be controlled through the use of interferon and ribavirin. With these last two drugs, you can sometimes come in at the end of hepatitis C. Since 1993, Hepatitis B ‘s New Drugs cure these two diseases in many patients. And with difficulty in people suffering from viral co-infection (HIV/HB, HIV/HC, HB/HC/ HIV). We do not advertise everything simply because of our limited means of producing medicines. Indeed, we only have small laboratory equipment. At the current rate of production of our antivirals, we can’t satisfy no more than 20 patients per week. From 1993 and the present time we have had to encounter cases of resistance to our antivirals. And every time we look for good associations of said antivirals in order to overcome the virus. After more than a year of treatment for the brave

Fortunately and gracefully to our know-how, we have developed new combinations antiviral. Allowing us today to treat the most common cases of resistant in a very short period of time as shown below. We cannot to talk about this case without thanking all the former patients . Who have been well wanted to allow us to present their healing test results to the public. We think particularly of those who had us authorized to present their results to demonstrate the effectiveness of our antivirals.

AVYRAL and RIX 126 , 226 for the treatment of hepatitis B and C and HIVALINE for HIV/AIDS (see our website We thank today the one who allowed us to present his results of healing check-up tests at the PUBLIC. Showing how, in cases of resistance, a good association of our natural antivirals. AVYRAL and RIX 226, allows to completely destroy the hepatitis B virus. We point out here that to this day. We have have not encountered any cases of hepatitis C resistance to our antivirals AVYRAL and RIX 126 prescribed as required.


Mr. AL had been presented to our Douala-Bonamoussadi office in August 2012. Suffering from chronic viral hepatitis B with PCR (see AL DOC 1 GERBA Laboratory seal) equal to 3,368,922 IU/l equivalent to 6.5log. On September 22, 2012 we had submitted it for processing corresponding to his next level of infection:

AVYRAL 6 bottles of 250ml /month RIX 126 6 bottles of 250ml/month.

After this month of treatment and for reasons we don’t know, he had stopped for a month and came back to see us again. We told him that by viral it is very risky to stop a treatment before it to resume. Anyway, we prescribed the same one for him treatment that he had followed this time without interruption. It was at the November 2012. As of February 2013, we had prescribed healing control exams and the PCR result had increased from single to double. This result was 5.644.266 IU / ml corresponding to 6.75log (see AL DOC 2.A attached).


His virus had meanwhile and probably during the cessation of treatment, developed resistance to our antivirals. This situation has left us had sent back to the laboratory to look for another good combination of our antivirals . AVYRAL and RIX 226 (Hepatitis B ‘s New Drugs )that would destroy definitely this virus. On March 16, 2013, we prescribed the following treatment for him:

AVYRAL.A 6 vials of 250ml/month AVYRAL.B 6 vials of 250ml/month RIX 126 6 bottles of 250ml/month.

July 03, 2013 or after 3 months of treatment, we had prescribed to the patient Healing control tests. The results of these tests have shown us that had presented a PCR equal to 353,514 IU/ml corresponding to 5.55log (see AL DOC 2.B attached). Thus, in three months of uninterrupted processing, the PCR had decreased from 5,644,266 IU/ml to 353,514 IU/ml. The second treatment is therefore effective and the patient had pursued him with confidence. Today, either about two months after the last check, this is the result of the HBsAg serological control which is negative (see AL DOC 3 attached).


That’s how it works. walks with us in SEPT-CAMEROUN SARL. When a treatment does not work not, we don’t abandon the patient, but we look for him other natural solutions. Our convictions: When the body human has everything he needs, he defends himself properly .And our drugs only come as a backup. The enemy of health is the fear of death; these are also concerns. When you do not have trust in a treatment, do not take it..Hepatitis B Cured as well as Hepatitis C


AVYRAL.A is a a subgroup of natural antivirals contained in AVYRAL whose role is protect the liver against liver fibrosis .And regularize certain parameters such as transaminases, Gamma GT, phosphatases alkaline etc. AVYRAL.B and RIX 126, not only block viral replication, but also destroy the virus. Note that taking AVYRAL.B alone or RIX 126 alone does not not destroy the virus. It is essential to combine the two.


Our antivirals do not are not within everyone’s reach. They’re too expensive because of high return prices. Indeed, we manufacture our antivirals in small quantities that do not allow us to cope with more than 20 patients per week.

To remedy this situation , we need to invest and the cost of this investment, we scientifically estimated it at 564,000,000,000 FCFA (equipment, construction, plant cultivation…). With such an investment, the treatment of hepatitis B, for example, would cost the patient about 15,000 FCFA per month.